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I first became aware of the Bren Ten back in the 1980's when the character Dective Sonny Crocket (played by Don Johnson) carried it in the television show "Miami Vice." This wasn't the only pistol Sonny carried (he also packed a Sig P220, S&W 645 and a S&W 4506 over the course of the series), but it is the gun that many die-hard Miami Vice fans associate with the character.

A fact that I didn't even realize until many years later, is that Dornaus & Dixon (the manufacturer of the Bren Ten) never made a stainless frame/hard chromed slide full-sized Bren. The actual full-sized gun wears a blued slide, but it was hard chromed to increase its visibility during filming at night. Another interesting point concerning the Miami Vice Bren is that it wasn't actually a 10mm, but rather a .45 Auto. This was for the simple reason that it was easier to produce blanks in this caliber than in 10mm Auto.
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The Bren Ten was produced by Dornaus & Dixon Enterprises, Inc. and the first production models hit the market in 1983. There were a number of different models in three sizes and two (possibly three) calibers.

The full-sized guns were the Standard Model, Military/Police, Marksman Special, Dual-Master and the Jeff Cooper Commemorative. The next size down were the Special Forces models which had the same frame, but a shorter 4" barrel/slide. These included the Special Forces Dark and Special Forces Light. Finally, there was the Pocket Model though there were only two or three ever built with none ever making it to market. The Bren Ten was originally designed and built to fire a new cartridge, the 10mm Auto.

Original ballistics for the cartridge, as produced by Norma of Sweden, were a 170gn JHP at 1400fps and a 200gn FMJ at 1200fps. The Marksman Special, though, was chambered in .45 Auto and the Dual-Master came with two complete slide assemblies with one in .45 and the other in 10mm. The Special Forces that were offered to the public were in 10mm Auto only, but the guns that was supposedly submitted to the Department of Defense for consideration in the XM-9 trials would have been chambered in 9mm Parabellum. There was also supposed to be a .22LR conversion kit, but it was never produced.
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Because of the Bren's rather short and imfamous existance and the overshadowing of the 10mm cartridge by the .40 S&W there aren't a lot of websites that feature the gun or the cartridge. Below are the few that I do know of. If you know of any others please be sure to let me know.

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