UPDATE - 03/31/07

About half of the 10mm Firearms Pages are now back online. As the remaining pages are completed they will be added to the website.

As it has been a while since the website has been updated there are also a number of new entries in the 10mm Photo Album.


UPDATE - 02/02/06

I have temporarily removed most of the 10mm firearm information pages. I am in the process of updating this section and will republish them when finished.


UPDATE - 01/01/06

As you can see, the website upgrade is up and running! There are still quite a few things that need to be finished, but I've been picking away at it for almost a year now and at that rate it would probably be another year before it was actually "done" so I decided to go ahead and put it on the web.

The most obvious change to the site are the graphics. In addition to this I have tried to streamline and condense some of the information. When the original site was created it was done in a rather piecemeal fashion and therefore there were some duplication. While most of the changes are organizational, I have added a few new things as well as updated or removed some old content. I have also tried to make the website more "user friendly" in general.

If you notice something that isn't working right, outdated or incorrect information, etc., please let me know. Enjoy!


UPDATE - 06/06/03

Just a couple new things this time around. First off I've added another 10mm link. Sean Smith's "The Pit" has some good general 10mm Auto info, as well as some good tips on how to set up your 1911 10mm. The second new item is a BREN-TEN.com computer wallpaper page. The link is in the right hand column at the bottom of the Bren Ten and 10mm Auto links rather than in the main index to the left. There are a number of 800x600 pics of various 10mm firearms that you can download and use as your computer desktop background. There are twelve available right now and I hope to add more as time allows.


UPDATE - 05/23/03

There are a few noteworthy additions this time around. First off Bruce sent me some great pics of a System Ten Associates brochure/order form that lists such items as the Bren Ten t-shirt, hat, belt, etc. This is a great piece of Bren trivia and I highly recommend you check it out on the D&D/Peregrine Literature page. Next, I came across an old issue of the FBI Bulletin that covers the adoption of the 10mm Auto as the bureau's new sidearm cartridge. There's not a ton of new information, but it's an interesting read considering where it's coming from. Other items of interest in this update include some more info on the AMT Automag IV in 10mm Magnum and some pics and info on the final upgrades on my Olympic Arms CAR-97/10mm carbine.


UPDATE - 04/26/03

There are a number of new items throughout the website. To begin with, I've added four 30-second Jan Hammer sound bites to the Miami Vice page as well as the article from Soldier Of Fortune on the guns of Miami Vice. On the literature page a number of new Bren Ten and 10mm Auto related magazine/articles have been added to the list. If you check the Bren Ten Airsoft page you'll see a review written by Rob along with some more Marushin Bren Ten Maxi pics sent in by Austin. There are some new "user submitted" pics in the 10mm photo album, but we're still looking for more! Finally, I've added an article on the Mech-Tech CCU (carbine conversion unit) for the Glock 20 10mm pistol.

There are two other announcements I'd also like to make this time. First off, there's a new website belonging to fellow 10mm enthusiast "agtman" that reviews his customized Colt Delta Elite. I encourage you all to check it out as it's really a beautiful piece. You can find the link to his site along with the other links to the right. Secondly, we just recently passed the 10,000 hit mark and I just wanted to say thank you to all who have made this website a success!


UPDATE - 03/01/03

Well as you have probably noticed there's quiet a bit of new stuff this time around. In early February I loss editing access and so I have been slowly recreating the entire website. I figured that since I was at it I might as well dress things up a bit. I've also added some new items such as some info on the Bren mags, grips and the Marksman Special soft case. New magazine articles have also been added to the literature guide and a new complete Falcon article has been included in the Bren Resurrection section. I have changed the layout of the photo album to make it a bit easier to get around in as well as keep it from taking up so much room in the navigation bar. There are a few things that I still need to catch up, but slowly but surely it's getting there!


UPDATE - 12/29/02

Couple new items this time. First off I've added four new guns to the "My 10mm Auto Collection." Also added is a new pic in the photo album and a few more magazine pics and reviews for the 10mm literature review.


UPDATE - 11/11/02

I've added a few more items to the "Dornaus & Dixon / Peregrine Industries Literature" section. This includes the Peregrine Industries catalog and fliers as well as a Bren Ten dealer letter and order form.


UPDATE - 10/20/02

Well the big news this time is that I finally registered a name for the website and so BREN-TEN.com is born! Also, I have changed my email address (too much spam and not enough storage at Hotmail). My new email address is:


As for other new stuff, I have set up a page dedicated to literature put out by Dornaus & Dixon. This includes full-sized scanned images of the '83 catalog, a good number of pages from the owner's manual, the first issue of "The BREN TEN News" and the November '84 update put out by Mike Dixon. Rob also sent me a link to a great page that focuses on the Detonics Combatmaster and so I added this to the Miami Vice page. I think that's about it for this time, enjoy!


UPDATE - 09/16/02

Not a lot in this update. I've added a couple more pics to the 10mm photo album and some other bits of information here and there. I also just recently picked up a 7" iAi Javelina and so that's been added to the 10mm collection section as well.


UPDATE - 08/24/02

More new stuff! I've added quite a bit of info to the "Resurrection" page. Also, I have included some additional information about the beginnings of the Bren Ten Association and its current status. In the "10mm Auto" section there is a table that lists all (that I know of) current factory 10mm Auto ammunition including factory velocity and energy figures if available. There has also been some info added to the Dornaus & Dixon page, including links to one of the Bren "updates" sent out by the company back in '84. I've started a third page for the photo album, but need more pics! I'm sure there's more little things here and there that have been added over the course of the past few weeks, but these are the big things that spring to mind.


UPDATE - 08/07/02

I've just finished adding items to various parts of the website. Included in this is a second photo album page (keep those pics coming guys!), a bit of historical trivia on the orgins of the BTA, some more info in the 10mm Cartridge section, and some great pics of Col. Cooper's personal Bren Tens for the Dornaus & Dixon / Bren Ten page (thanks Eric for the pics!).

Also, I've added a new room in the Bren Ten & 10mm Auto Forum. This is a "read only" room in the Bren Ten section and here I'm working on an archive of old BTA Newsletters. It's an interesting read so stop by and check it out!


UPDATE - 07/11/02

I've set up a picture album page for those who would like to post a pic of their 10mm Auto(s). All you have to do is email me the pic along with anything you want to say about it. As soon as I can I'll add it to the album. Check out the picture album page for more info.


UPDATE - 06/29/02

I've just completed a major reorganizing of the Bren Ten & 10mm Literature section. Thanks to Mik (from "The 10mm Firearms Page), who was kind enough to share the information with me, there is now a listing of all the 10mm relevant magazine articles. These articles are listed alphabetically by the magazine title, and then under each title is a chronological listing including the issue, page number, article title and author. For those magazines that I personally own I have included a seperate page that shows a picture of the magazine cover as well as a short summary of the relevant article.

If you know of Bren or 10mm article that isn't listed please let me know so I can add it. Also, if you have a magazine that I don't have marked as being in my own collection and are interested in selling it feel free to email me!


UPDATE - 05/20/02

The Dornaus & Dixon and Bren Ten page was getting a bit large and there are still more things I want to add and so I decided to divide it into two pages. The original page will still contain information about the company of Dornaus & Dixon Enterprises as well as general specifications of the different Bren models. The new second page will focus more on various modifications, rare examples, original prices and other Bren trivia.


UPDATE - 04/27/02

The new Bren Ten & 10mm Auto forum is up and running. The new forum is similar to the old Bren Forum, but also includes rooms for other 10mm's such as those made by Glock, Smith & Wesson, Colt, etc. Later this weekend I plan to remove the BTA Forum. Actually the BTA Forum will remain active for a while, but I'll be deleting the link from the BTA page.

Other work on the website continues. I'm gradually filling in some of the blanks that are on various pages. I doubt it will every be truly done, but it is getting closer and closer to my vision for this site.