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Model Description Status Rating
Steel Standard The standard full-size Witness sports a 4.5" barrel, fixed sights, a 15-round mag capacity, and is available in either matte blue or "Wonderfinish." Available
Steel Compact The compact steel Witness has a 3.6" barrel, fixed sights, a 12-round mag capacity, and is available in either matte blue or "Wonderfinish." Available
Polymer Carry This version includes the shorter 3.6" barrel and the full-size polymer frame. Mag capacity is 15 rounds and the gun wears fixed sights. Available
Hunter The "Hunter" model has a 6" polygonal rifled barrel and is single-action only. The frame is drilled and tapped for optics. Mag capacity is 15 rounds and current version are available in matte black only. Available
Match The Witness Match comes with a 4.75" polygonal barrel, adjustable sights, and a single-action only trigger. Magazine capacity is 15 rounds. Available
Elite Stock The Elite Stock has a standard 4.5" barrel, 15-round mag capacity, DA/SA trigger and adjustable sights. Available
Elite Limited The Witness Elite Limited has the 4.75" barrel, a full-length dust cover drilled and tapped for optics, adjustable sights, and a single-action only trigger. Magazine capacity is 15 rounds. Available
Additional Notes: The Witness line of 10mm pistols offers a lot of options, but the EAA catalog tends to change rather quickly and freqently. As long as they continue to offer 10mms though, there should be something for just about any shooting purpose.

Witness Trio: standard full-size steel with adj. rear sight, compact steel, & rare polymer compact.


The EAA Witness is an Italian built (Tangfolio) clone of the CZ-75. Though CZs are now commonly available, the Witness line has two things going for it. First off, they are almost half the price of a true CZ. Secondly, they are available in a number of calibers that CZ just doesn't produce.

Of course the old saying "you get what you pay for" applies to guns just like any other product. Fit and finish of the Witness pistols are not, in my opinion, in the same class as other premium firearms. Also, Witness quality seems to be rather sporadic, and to make matters worse EAA has a rather notorious reputation when it comes to customer service. If you don't mind a budget grade finish and you manage to get one that runs reliably then the EAA Witness is a lot of value for the money.




The Witness pistols are double-action in design, but employ a frame mounted manual safety that allows cocked and locked carry. Witness pistols also come in two different frame sizes, depending on the caliber. There is a standard frame size for 9mm and .40 S&W, and then a slightly larger frame for .38 Super, 10mm, and .45 ACP.

EAA lists numerous configurations of the Witness and it can be difficult to keep track of them all. Whatever you're looking for though, EAA probably has a gun for the job.

Steel Standard -

Steel Compact -

Polymer Carry -

Hunter -

Match -

Elite Stock -

Elite Limited -



Shooting Characteristics



October 2002 Handguns

Bob Campbell writes a postive report on the full-sized EAA Witness. He notes that this particular gun is a few years old and has had time to "settle in." According to Mr. Campbell, the Witness 10mm "...fulfills any promise the Bren Ten may have had..." Interestingly though, right at the end of the article he states that he's never fired a Bren Ten.

July 2003 Guns & Ammo

In this issue of Guns & Ammo Payton Miller does a short review of the EAA Witness Gold Match in 10mm. This particular variant sports a 6" compensated barrel and is single-action only. The gun's frame is also already drilled and tapped for a scope mount. Though the Golt Match is designed for competition, it would make a fine hunting gun as well!


Witness vs. Bren Ten

I have heard it said that the EAA Witness 10mm is the gun the Bren Ten should have been. The Witness does have a number of things going for it, but let me say it ain't no Bren!

FACT: The Witness 10mm is closer in design and appearance to the Bren Ten than any other gun made.

FACT: The Witness 10mm is still in production while the Bren Ten has been gone for over 20 years.

FACT: The Witness 10mm can be purchased new for almost half the original price of the Bren Ten.

These are all true statements, and it is also true that these facts make the EAA Witness an attractive deal for those who have lusted for a Bren Ten ever since "Miami Vice" was on prime time T.V. This does not, however, make the Witness better than the Bren. With all its faults, in my opinion the Bren Ten is one of the finest pistols ever built. You really don't appreciate the differences between the two until you get a chance to handle them, side by side. The Witness is a relatively well made, but unrefined handgun (you get what you pay for). The Bren almost qualifies as a piece of mechanical art. If you're on a budget, or looking for an inexpensive Bren look-alike that you can blast without worrying you might break a high-dollar collector's piece, then the Witness is the gun for you. On the other hand, if your tastes (and wallet) runs more towards white linen suits, fast Italian sports cars and palm tree scenery, then a real Bren Ten is the only way to go!