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Mech Tech

Glock MechTech CCU.


Mech Tech Systems, Inc. makes their CCU (carbine conversion unit) for the Colt 1911 (and clones), Beretta 92 and Glock pistols. The kit, which does not require an FFL to purchase, consists of a complete new barreled uppper receiver and stock. Basically all you have to do is remove the slide/barrel assembly of your Glock pistol and attach the pistol frame to the Mech Tech CCU upper. You then just use your standard Glock magazines.



When it comes to the Glock there isn't a lot of difference between models other than size and caliber. The G20/29 uses the largest of the Glock frame sizes, which it shares with the .45 caliber G21/30. Glock pistols are striker fired whereby the firing pin is partially "cocked" by the cycling of the slide. This allows for a DAO-style trigger pull without the long, heavy pull of most traditional DAO pistols.

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2003 Complete Book Of Autopistols

The Mech-Tech CCU for the Glock 20 gets a "thumbs up" from author Mike Boyle. Mr. Boyle briefly goes over the background of the Mech-Tech carbine conversion unit and then gives it a good workout. This article is a good read for those considering purchasing one of the Mech-Tech CCUs.


Scherer 29-Round Glock 10mm Mags

Scherer is a manufacturer of aftermarket magazines and has made numerous versions for the various Glock pistols. Much to the delight of Glock 10mm fans a 29-round magazine was recently introduced for the G20/29. This new mag would be especially useful to Mech Tech CCU owners who wanted a true high capacity magazine for their carbines. Unfortunately though, these magazines proved unreliable. It was hoped that Scherer would rectify the feeding problems, but apparently these magazines have been dropped from production altogether.