Bren Ten Collectors Coalition


Bren Ten Collectors Coalition


The impetus behind the creation of the Bren Ten Collectors Coalition (BTCC) is threefold. These include:

1) To meet fellow Bren owners and share information and experiences concerning the Bren Ten.

2) To gather data/information concerning the Bren Ten including variations in manufacturing, available literature, and actual serial numbers (if owners are willing to share this information).

3) To promote the Bren Ten/Falcon concept in hopes of returning the gun to production.


To become a member of the Bren Ten Collectors Coalition you must be a member of the Forum and the current owner of a Bren Ten pistol (10mm or .45 caliber). To prove ownership you must submit a picture of the firearm with your name (or forum identity) and the date of submission. This must be handwritten on a piece of paper that is in the photograph with the gun (to guarantee authenticity this information cannot be digitally added to the picture). It is understood that information concerning serial numbers is a sensitive issue. Because of this, the submission of serial number information is encouraged, but not required.


To the right is a membership application form. Some of this information is required, while other fields are optional. This information will then be used to compile a owner profile database which will be shared with other BTCC. Only BTCC members will have access to this information and release of this information to any non-BTCC member will be grounds for immediate expulsion. A description for each field is listed below:

Full Name (required, but inclusion in your BTCC profile is optional) - We would like to get better acquainted with our fellow Bren owners and a “real” name confers a greater sense of comradeship.

Forum Identity (required and will be included in your BTCC profile) - The forum will be our primary means of communication and, of course, we need to know who we’re talking to.

Email Address (required and will be included in your BTCC profile) - A direct means of contact is needed, especially for those who may not visit the forum on a regular basis.

Physical Address (required, but only city and state will be included in your BTCC profile) - In order to send you your BTCC Collectors Binder (and any updates) we need to know where to send it.

Biography (optional) - This is your opportunity to share a little bit about yourself. You may include things like your profession, hobbies, other interests, etc. It is optional, but again, this kind of information helps to build a sense of comradeship between BTCC members.

Bren Model(s) (at least one required and will be included in your BTCC profile) - To prove ownership you will need to submit information about your Bren. If you are the owner of multiple Bren Tens information on each model is encouraged as it gives us a better understanding of what is “out there,” but is not required.

Serial Number(s) (optional, and will not be included with your BTCC profile) - It is understood that the sharing of serial numbers is an extremely sensitive issue considering the current state of gun control. Serial numbers, however, let us know exactly what guns are out there, enable us to keep track of the status of a particular gun, and give us a much better idea of how many guns were actually produced. I highly encourage the submission of serial numbers, but do not require it. If you do submit your serial number(s), it will never be shared with any other individuals.

Description (required) - There were many variations in the manufacture of the Bren Ten, such as round-top slides, trigger stops, set screw sight adjustment, 3-dot safeties, etc. This kind of information is both interesting and important to the overall Bren story. A brief description of your gun(s) will allow us to build a database of these variations.

Comments (optional) - If you have any specific comments, observations, etc. that you would like to include in your BTCC profile this is the place to include it.


There is a one-time application fee of $50. This pays for the costs of producing and shipping of the BTCC Collectors Binders. There will also be annual dues (every January starting the second year of membership) of $10 per member to help with the costs of maintaining the website and forum. If there is interest, there will also be the opportunity (at extra cost) for limited edition BTCC collectables, such as t-shirts, lapel pins, coffee mugs, holsters, etc. BTCC members also have access to the BTCC restricted section of the Forum.


There will be a special password-protected room on the Forum that will be for BTCC members only. At the top of the page member profiles will be listed. Posts made in this room should be restricted to those topics/subjects that specifically concern the BTCC. General discussion about the Bren Ten (or other issues) should be posted in the appropriate place on the forum.


The atmosphere of the BTCC is an informal one, but there are certain expectations concerning member conduct. Violation of these “expectations” will have the following consequences:

Behavior Between Members - I expect, and require, a courteous relationship between all BTCC members. Any member who cannot act in a mature and respectful manner will be asked to either modify their behavior or resign their membership. If the unacceptable conduct continues and the member in question does not voluntarily resign then removal of membership from the BTCC will be put to a vote of the BTCC membership.

Sharing of Information Outside the BTCC - Any member who has been found to share information about another member and/or the guns in their possession without that member’s prior consent will be immediately expelled from the BTCC. For example, you may know of someone who is looking for a Bren Ten. You may not share another BTCC member’s contact information with that individual without first obtaining the BTCC member’s okay.

Sharing of Password Information - Anyone who shares password information for the forum with non-BTCC members will be expelled from the BTCC immediately.

Firearm Submission Form

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E-Mail Address:
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Bren Model:
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